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Center Insurance & Financial Services (CIFS) is committed to the principles of service, integrity and professionalism. We provide you, our valued client, the highest quality of service with the goal of exceeding your expectations.

At Center Insurance and Financial Services, our business is built on our commitment to you. We want to help you fulfill your needs and meet your goals. We want to help solve your problems and alleviate your anxiety. We want to build a wall of financial protection around you and your family.

Here at CIFS, we take the time to learn about your needs. We dive deep into the problems you're facing. We look closely at what you're feeling and what keeps you up at night. Once we understand your unique situation, we offer solutions that meet your needs and budget.

We're an independent insurance agency, so we represent a variety of insurance companies. Because of this, we can offer you many choices and options when it comes to your coverage. We have the ability to integrate insurance products from different companies into a plan that will satisfy your needs and put your worries and fears to rest.

Our main objective is to implement a plan that protects you and your family, fits into your budget easily, and gives you peace of mind.


How come some people just rave about how awesome Medicare is while others complain that it's the worst health plan on earth? They all have the same thing, right? Medicare is Medicare, isn't it?

It's true, they all have Medicare. But, they don't get their coverage the same way. That's for sure. The people who rave about Medicare made the right choices for their situation. The people who complain about Medicare made the wrong choices.

With Medicare, you have a lot of options. It's crucial that you pick the options that best fit your needs, wants and budget. What works for your spouse, brother, cousin or best friend won't necessarily work for you. Everybody is different. Everyone's situation is different. Don't just do what everyone else is doing. Choose the options that make sense for you.

A big decision is how you get your Medicare benefits. Will you go with Original Medicare or will you choose a Medicare Advantage plan? Our Medicare Specialists can walk you through the decision-making process and help you choose the option that's best for you.

After deciding on how to get your coverage, you'll have many more ways to customize your overall plan. We'll help you through the process and make sure that you're one of those people who raves about how awesome Medicare is!

Life Insurance

a family of four walking towards us in the woods The most common use of life insurance is to provide an "instant estate" in the event of a premature death. We've all read about some old rich guy who left a sizable estate to his heirs. That's great. You're planning on doing that too, right? But what if you die before you have a chance to build that estate? That's what life insurance is for.

It's not always about the estate. Often, it's about survival. Can your family survive without your income? If you stay at home with the kids, can your spouse afford to pay someone to do what you do? That's what life insurance is for.

But, life insurance can do so much more.

It can provide you with a supplemental retirement income, pay for your long-term care expenses, help send your kids to college or help you get out of a tough financial situation.

It's true, life insurance offers a death benefit. But today's policies offer an amazing array of "living benefits." Let's take a look and see if life insurance can solve some of the issues that you're facing today.

Final Expense Insurance

Final expense insurance is also known as "burial insurance." It's not designed for you to leave a large inheritance to your heirs. Rather, it's designed to pay for your final expenses (like your funeral), so that you're not a burden to your family and friends.

Final expense insurance is permanent insurance so it lasts your whole life, no matter how long you live. It's not a term policy that can end before you need it.

Final expense policies are affordable. Depending on the situation, people usually get about $5,000 to $25,000 worth of coverage. This helps keep the cost of the insurance down.

Final expense policies are easy to get. There's no medical exam to take and usually only a few health questions to answer. Because of this, it's easier to qualify for low-cost insurance. The policies are often issued on the same day the application is submitted.

There are many options available. We'll help you find the one that's right for you and the one that fits into your budget.

Cancer & Critical Illness Insurance

Having cancer or a critical illness can be personally and financially devastating. But, you can rest easier if you have a cancer & critical illness insurance policy. These policies pay you a lump sum of money if you have a heart attack or stroke, or get diagnosed with cancer, kidney failure, or a multitude of other diseases.

Health insurance pays the medical bills when you're critically ill. But who will pay the mortgage, buy the food, and pay all of your normal living expenses when you can't go to work? If your loved one is critically ill, who will pay the bills while you help take care of them? That's what cancer & critical illness insurance is for.

This type of insurance is a limited benefit policy. It is not health insurance. When you're diagnosed with a cancer or a critical illness, the insurance company pays you a predetermined lump sum of money that you can use any way you wish. The benefits are paid regardless of any other insurance you might have.

The great news is that cancer & critical illness insurance is very affordable. Maybe it's time to take a look into protecting your family's financial future with cancer & critical illness insurance.

Ancillary Insurance Policies

Ancillary insurance policies provide you with additional coverage beyond what's normally covered in a health insurance plan. These plans can offer you more comprehensive benefits and add a layer of financial protection to your current situation.

Dental and vision insurance offers you coverage that Medicare and most health insurance policies don't provide. There are a wide variety of plans that cover routine dental and vision care, as well as more expensive procedures.

Hospital indemnity policies pay you cash when you're hospitalized. These plans work great with Medicare Advantage plans to help cover out-of-pocket costs and co-payments associated with hospital stays. Hospital indemnity plans work well with today's health insurance plans to cover hospital costs until you meet your deductible.

There are many other types of plans available to help fill in the gaps of your coverage to help keep you financially safe. We can help you find the right plans that meet your needs and fit your budget.


Are you worried that you might outlive your money? Do you ever think that you might live to be 90 or 95, but your money supply might run out at about age 75?

Do you lie awake at night worried about your stock market investments? Would you like a safe place to keep your money instead?

If either of these scenarios resonates with you, then you probably should take a look at annuities.

Annuities can provide you with a guaranteed monthly income for a certain number of years or for your whole life - no matter how long you live!

Annuities offer you a safe place to park your money, with guaranteed returns and absolutely no risk that you'll ever lose what you invested.

Let our Annuity Team work out some solutions for you. Let's see if we can alleviate some of your concerns.

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